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Family Run in Echuca since 2003

We believe that fresh, locally sourced Australian produce should be available to everyone. A job that we feel the supermarkets cannot fulfil. To us the term “fresh produce” is now just an advertising slogan, can you really walk into a Coles or Woolworths and buy “fresh produce” all the time? It’s either wilted after a week of sitting in cold storage or the shelf’s empty waiting for the next truck to come from the depot (not the farm). 

There is also an ethical component linked with fresh produce - ethically farmed & ethically sourced. We are conscious of both, hence we take a long term view with all our suppliers and farmers. Most of our growers we’ve been doing business with for over a decade. Relationships that are forged from understanding what our customers value and can afford and us understanding what it costs the grower to produce a box of fruit for us. We are not in the business of screwing over farmers for the sake of a few millionaire shareholders and their dividends.


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