Christmas trees available Nov 28th

The Most Memorable

Christmas Day! 

“The moment you put good quality food on the table, everyone is happy and life is bliss”

This year more than most your family deserves a memorable christmas spread. Something extra special after the year we’ve had. Let us help you celebrate in style with quality food and drinks from the one place you can trust to get it right for your family . . . 

The Ultimate Good Food Guide For A Memorable Xmas Feast!

The famous Forever fresh 2020 christmas guide has landed!

Not everyone can become Jamie Oliver or Maggie Beer for a day so to help you out we’ve got all your christmas cooking & ideas sorted in our famous christmas book. Choose from our fully catered menu prepared by our restaurant quality chefs or browse our ready to cook premium range. 

Impress Your Guests With A Premium Christmas Feast

Everything you need from the one place you can trust with your special order.

Our famous 2020 Christmas guide features freshly caught seafood, festive honey-glazed ham, delectable barbecue spreads, ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ desserts, fresh fruit platters and much more…

Orders close December 16th

Eliminate Stress Using Our Ready-To-Cook & Catered menu Selections

Let our chefs do the work for you, you do the entertaining and we will do the preparation & cooking.

Enjoy restaurant-quality food without the hefty tag using our catered Christmas menu. For those that really want to impress & the slight brag…. 

Orders close December 16th

The Star Of The Show!

Fresh Seafood, Glazed Hams & Jaw Dropping Desserts!

The big 3! Every table deserves at least one of these jaw – droppers

No seafood stores in town? No worries, we’ve brought the best of Melbourne’s fisheries to Echuca. Your usual ham a bit bland? No worries we’ve got award winning glazed hams the size of beach balls. Sick of your sisters pav? No worries we’ve got restaurant quality desserts that only she can dream of! 

No matter which option you choose, cooking your own feast with our premium ingredients or ordering from our catering menu or like the smarties – do a mix of both. You will immediately have the peace of mind knowing that your christmas day is sorted and is going to be the most memorable experience for your family.

Treat Yourself By Ditching The Chains Mass Produced Stuff For High Quality Real Food!

The one time of the year when only the best will do!

Generic ingredients have no place on the table this time of year. Real food has less preservatives which means you won’t get bloated and feel crook on boxing day.

Orders close December 16th

Can’t decide, need help? Just ask Stella….


How does the Christmas menu work?

The christmas menu comes with two options. 

Option 1: shop all our ready to cook options and fresh ingredients for those that enjoy doing all the cooking for themselves. Option 2: Choose from our chef prepared catering menu. For those that want a restaurant quality feast without the worry and stress.

Can I pick my own catering options?

Yes. You can pick from dozens of different barbecue meats, fresh seafood, salami and cheese platters, and custom desserts.

Can I do both? Cook what I’m comfortable with and order what I can't cook?

 Of course! We know how hard it is to nail a christmas feast, we can’t all turn into jamie oliver or Maggie beer in one day so if it’s desserts your not confident in then that’s where our menu saves the day!

Can I pick my own catering options?

Yes. You can pick from dozens of different barbecue meats, fresh seafood, salami and cheese platters, and custom desserts.

When do I need to order by?

Our ready-to-cook options are available for purchase at any time. Catering options must be ordered by 16th of December. Fresh seafood orders need to be in by december 16.

Is the seafood fresh & Australian?

You bet. Since there’s no specialty fish shop in town anymore we thought we’d step in. We’ve teamed up with poulos seafoods in melbourne who have been supplying and catching the Prahran markets seafood for over 30 years

How do you glaze and cook a ham?

Did you know we can do that for you?

Come in and one of our chefs will give you a 5 minute demo on how to score, glaze and cook your prized ham but also you can just get our chefs to do it for you and pick it up on the day! How easy!

Orders close December 16th

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